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Here We Go Again!

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It looks like WordPress let me down again and did not send out a notification to Off Grid Ham email subscribers when an article was published late last night. Until I can chase down the gremlin for the ??? time, please click here to see what you missed!   

Avoid These Five Common Off Grid Mistakes!


It seemed like a good idea at the time. I don’t know how I compare to others, but my three-plus decade amateur radio career is littered with failed projects and off grid mistakes. Much of it can be explained away as valuable learning experiences, but as I look back, there… Read more »

NEWS ALERT: Perovskite Solar Breakthrough.

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A promising technology. Off Grid Ham first discussed perovskite solar cells in February 2017. This still-emerging technology uses perovskite-structured crystals to pull energy from different colors of light. Silicon panels by comparison make electricity from a narrow band of light. The process for making perovskite solar is also cheaper and… Read more »

In Case You Missed It (and you probably did).

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Due to a WordPress fluke, a new post advisory did not go out last night to readers who subscribe to Off Grid Ham email notifications. So, there’s a new article out there you may not know about! Click here to check it out. A special thanks to the gurus at… Read more »

Jumping Off The Grid.

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off grid radio guide

A lot of amateurs want to go off grid. The demand and desire to take amateur radio off grid is absolutely there. The problem is that information about off grid radio is sprinkled around. It’s hard to find straight answers. Many radio and survival blogs occasionally address the issue, but… Read more »

Off Grid Ham Will Be In Wheaton, Illinois June 17.

I’ll be visiting the Chicago area on Sunday, June 17 and plan on making a stop at the Six Meter Club of Chicago hamfest at the DuPage County Fairgrounds in Wheaton, Illinois. Come on by and see me if you’re in the neighborhood. I’d love to meet some of my readers… Read more »

Email Fail…An Apology.

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While doing a routine backup of Off Grid Ham, I discovered numerous, possibly dozens, of reader emails sent through the Contact page. It appears that all of them were legitimate comments from readers, not spam. For some reason I never received any of these emails. They are not in my… Read more »