Email Fail…An Apology.

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While doing a routine backup of Off Grid Ham, I discovered numerous, possibly dozens, of reader emails sent through the Contact page. It appears that all of them were legitimate comments from readers, not spam.

For some reason I never received any of these emails. They are not in my spam folder, or WordPress message center, or anywhere, except on the backup file.


Some of the emails are many months old; all are encoded in HTML and sprinkled through a backup that runs hundreds of pages. I do not know exactly how long this has been a problem but my best estimate is at least six months, probably longer.

At this point there is no practical way I can pick them out and reply to them.

If you sent me an email through the form on my Contact page and did not get a reply, please accept my sincerest apologies. I assure you I did not purposely blow you off.

My main concern is that readers sent an email, did not get a reply, and then never came back to Off Grid Ham, figuring I was being snooty and didn’t want to bother with them. That is absolutely not the case!

I removed the WordPress-generated form from the Contact page. Until I figure out what is going on, please send emails directly to .

This bug does not effect replies left in the public comments section at the end of each article.

I again apologize to Off Grid Ham readers for this massive fail. As always, I’m here for you!

Thanks and 73,
Chris Warren.