Links & Resources

Here are some websites that have great insight and ideas for amateur radio operators both on and off the grid. Check back often because more will be added later (updated 02/15/2020):

The Off Grid Comms group. -The unofficial-official hangout spot for Off Grid Ham readers and anyone else interested in off grid radio. Ask questions, answer others’ questions, and discuss relevant issues. This is a participant-driven forum and anyone can join.

AmateurRadio,com -In addition to original articles, also compiles ham news and information from around the internet and presents it for you in one easy to read list. It’s kind of like a “blog of blogs.” They occasionally carry Off Grid Ham articles, so of course they have an eye for excellent content! -Alexander’s website is mostly in German, but this link will take you to his extensive and very well curated English language links page for all things ham radio.

The American Radio Relay League.

OH8STN blog –One of the most comprehensive and well known off grid radio blogs. No one does it like Julien. He’s got an epic YouTube channel too!

The AA7EE Blog -Dave has some really great ideas for amateur radio. He includes very detailed descriptions and is generous with pictures. He’s also very nice about responding to reader questions and comments.

VE3WDM’s QRP Blog -Wisdom & words for those who operate QRP or have antenna restrictions.

N0SSC blog -Thoughtful perspective from the younger side of amateur radio.

The Proppy Calculator -Calculates HF propagation conditions to anywhere, from anywhere.

The VOACAP Calculator Another HF propagation calculator produces highly detailed results.

Brushbeater -Survival communications and more…from a guy who actually does it.

Radio Reference -The ultimate frequency guide for anything and everything above 50 MHz.

Battery University -Everything you need to know about all types of batteries, written in understandable terms. Excellent, five star website.

The following websites are not amateur radio related, but are fun, interesting, and well worth your time:

Twenty First Summer -The companion blog to Off Grid Ham, here you will find my Thoughtful, Positive, Relevant commentary about contemporary topics.

Hugh’s Views And News –Something completely different, with a British twist.

The National Rifle Association.  Off Grid Ham is 100% pro-gun.

Backcountry Journal -Mike offers interesting and vivid accounts of his wilderness adventures, with a little ham radio thrown in. Great photos, too!

Freedom Through Empowerment -Tricia’s blog sounds like I could have written it myself. She applies her conservative/libertarian viewpoint to everyday experiences in a way that is thought provoking and non-confrontational.

Desert Rat Preppers Facebook page –A survival/prepping FB page specializing in the American Southwest, but there is plenty of room and great ideas for everyone at DRP.

The Grouchy Farmer –Old school country boy insight & wisdom, with just enough attitude to make you want to come back!

Gunbacker -Firearms news, equipment reviews, videos, training, and more.

Survivalblog -One of the oldest and most respected resources on the internet for all topics related to being ready for difficult times.

Coupon Follow Ultimate Disaster Preparedness -Thanks to young OGH reader Jonathan for sending this one in.

United States Conceal Carry Association -If you carry a defensive weapon, any kind of weapon, not just a gun, have you considered the legal consequences if need to you use it? I am a USCCA member myself. Off Grid Ham is 100% pro-gun.