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Due to a WordPress bug, email subscribers to Off Grid Ham  did not receive notice of a new article posted on June 14, 2020. This is the second time this has happened in less than a year. While WordPress is trying to figure it out, you can access the new article by clicking here.

While I have your attention, please help grow Off Grid Ham by promoting OGH articles on social media and club newsletters. You can also pass the word along during on air ragchews. Many of you already do this, and I’m really grateful! Your efforts help further our mission of welcoming the new and enlightening the old.

Thanks and have a great weekend!





4 thoughts on “Don’t Miss Out!

  1. Mike Hohmann

    Hi Chris,
    I got sick of the updates and need to reconfigure my WP blog over a year ago… haven’t posted since 5-19, I think. I can no longer post to it, but it is still accessible. Better things to do w/ my time. I’ll check the 6-14 article!
    Just a note to say hi, keep up the good work. I’m fine and still hiking and getting to radio club mtgs now and then, although they are now on-the-air activities. Best! Mike

  2. Randall Krippner

    WP gets – irritating sometimes. They keep fiddling with things on my main control page. It’s settled down now but for a while almost every time I went over there to look at statistics or change settings or something, they’d changed something around. Then Google did something with the Chrome browser that didn’t cooperate with my WordPress tools, so I had to go back to using Safari until they got that fixed. Grr. Oh, well

    1. Chris Warren Post author

      I’ve had mostly good results with WP using Safari, but the few hiccups I’ve experienced were big ones. Luckily my web host GoDaddy has in house WP support so I’ve been able to navigate it.

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