Off Grid Ham on Is Now On Parler!

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Expanding the base.

I’m excited to announce that Off Grid Ham is now on the social media platform Parler 

Please take a moment to sign up for a free account and follow @offgridham. I’ll post new articles and other relevant items not included in the main blog. It’s a great venue to interact with readers and pass along worthwhile information. Parler is a relatively new platform and you’ll find a lot of other great material from a fast-growing user base. Many well known names already have accounts there.

Why Parler and not those other guys?

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Anyone who has been even vaguely paying attention knows that the major social media platforms do not create a level playing field. They do not let users freely and openly express their views without censorship. They are heavily biased and not everyone gets equal treatment. There are also very legitimate privacy concerns about how these sites collect and use members’ data.

Parler is different. I’ve had a personal account on there for over a year now and am satisfied that they really do walk the free speech talk and respect users’ data privacy. While Off Grid Ham is not a controversial blog and does not carry content that might attract unwanted attention from a sponsoring platform, there is a principle at issue here. To the extent that I can, I will not let Off Grid Ham to be a party, even indirectly, to censorship or improper data collection.

I may be hurting my own efforts to expand the OGH audience by refusing to participate on the most popular social media platforms. That’s a loss I’m willing to accept.

Furthermore, the typical Off Grid Ham reader is rightfully distrustful of conventional websites. I “get it” why you all hate social media. Parler is everything they are not.

I believe Parler when they say they do not censor anyone and do not spy on their users.

I invite and encourage you to join Parler and follow @offgridham today!