Check Out This Really Cool Radio Manual Database.

A moment of serendipity.


Let’s face it, the internet can be a sewer. Yes, there’s quite a bit of useful information out there, but sometimes trying to find it is like sticking your hand in a toilet full of crap to fish out a hundred dollar bill. DATABASE

Well, in my travels about the interwebs today I found a hundred dollar bill, and I didn’t even have to humiliate myself or muck up my hand to do it.

Some ambitious person created a database of user manuals, service manuals, and schematics for hundreds of amateur radios. What the website lacks in flash and visual appeal is more than made up with solid, practical information. DATABASE

Click here to access the radio manual database. 

The database does not include every radio ever made, and does not include any radios made after 2012. Still, it’s worth your while to bookmark the site, or download it to local storage, because you never know….

If you run older equipment, this website may be exactly what you need to stay on the air.

We’ll see you later this month for our regular must-read article. Until then, do yourself a favor and add this radio manual database to your resources.

A link to the database has also been added to the Off Grid Ham Links and Resources page.


5 thoughts on “Check Out This Really Cool Radio Manual Database.

  1. randall krippner

    Nice. Very nice. There’s a lot of stuff in there including a lot of radios I’ve only heard about and have never seen. A lot of ALS amplifiers, antenna stuff, etc. It’s a nice collection. Thanks for passing it along. This is going to be useful to a lot of people

    1. Chris Warren Post author

      Hi Randall, I found this database by accident and the moment I saw it I knew it was worth sending out to the Off Grid Ham community. I agree a lot of operators will benefit from this information.

  2. randall krippner

    Oh, I should throw in another interesting online resource, which is a collection of hundreds of publications dating back to the early 1900s and running up into the early 2000s. 73 magazine is in there, a lot of electronics magazines, old radio equipment catalogs, television publications, all kinds of goodies. Lots of technical goodies are tucked in with more generic stuff about the music and commercial broadcasting industry. If you ever hear of old timers talking about Wayne Green and his 73 magazine, they have a complete colection over there. All of it is in PDF format and available for free. There are also publications related specificially to DX if that’s your thing. Lots of fun stuff.

    1. Chris Warren Post author

      Thanks so much for the suggestion. I looked at your link and wow, what a great resource! I have added it to the Off Grid Ham Links and Resources page.

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