You’re Invited to the Off Grid Ham Google Group.

I’ve been wanting to expand Off Grid Ham’s outreach for some time. I thought about starting an internet chat forum, but that would involve very disruptive changes to the website and a lot of ongoing maintenance. A Facebook page was considered too.

I had more or less given up on the idea when a solution popped up right in front of me.

A reader operates a google groups page for off grid communications and he invited me to join. The group has been around only about a month, so it does not have many members.

He agreed with my proposal for his google group to be an on line gathering spot for Off Grid Ham readers. Now I’m inviting all of you to join up too.

If you’re not familiar with how google groups work, it’s a “town square” where anyone can post a message or respond to other member’s messages. Please feel free to ask questions, answer questions asked by others, and post your ideas.

Click here for the unofficial-official Off Grid Ham google group. There is also a link at the top of each OGH page (desktop) or in the drop down menu (mobile). If you do not already have a google account, there is a short & easy registration process. You do not have to use your real name or disclose any personal information.

It’s important to point out I have no control or authority over the group and do not set the rules. An Off Grid Ham reader has generously agreed to let us hang out at “his place” and I’m just a participating member like everyone else.

I hope you’ll come aboard and contribute to the body of knowledge. See you there.

Click here to access the Off Grid Ham google group.

2 thoughts on “You’re Invited to the Off Grid Ham Google Group.

  1. Jim, K7JLJ

    For clarification, its a group that we are using. google groups is being discotinued by Google this year and is where most groups have migrated to.

    Its an online service and mailing list combined that you can control notification on yourself from none (Online monitoring only) to individual emails and everything between.

    Hope to see everyone there. be sure to check the group wiki out for more info.

    1. Chris Warren Post author

      Thanks for the clarification. Nomenclature aside, the links in the above article will send everyone to the right place.

      Thanks again for giving Off Grid Ham readers a spot to gather!

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