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Off Grid Ham is not even a year old and has already become a popular destination for the amateur radio and survival/prepper community. I’m sincerely thankful for the huge wave of goodwill, support, and kindness. Because of the warm response, I’m branching out with an all-new Off Grid Ham YouTube Channel.

The YouTube channel was launched with just two simple videos but I will add more as I am able. Right now this is an experiment because I’m not sure how committed I can be to YouTube. I am already overextended with writing original material for two blogs as well as having to accomodate personal and professional demands on my time, but I want to give this an honest effort.

I started Off Grid Ham as a lark and at the time I did not expect much to come of it. Suddenly out of nowhere appeared thousands of readers from all over the United States and as far away as Greece, Australia, Norway, Germany….everywhere! The enthusiastic reception affirmed my belief that there was a genuine demand for practical, everyday amateur radio/alternative energy ideas and projects written with a let’s cut the crap & git ‘er done attitude. Off Grid Ham has been keeping it real since day one and I promise that isn’t going to change.

I am asking my readers to spread the word about Off Grid Ham on internet forums, club newsletters, ham fests, EMCOMM groups, repeater nets, survival/prepping groups, and anywhere you can in your circle. Every person you bring into the club is one less unprepared moocher you’ll have to deal with when the grid goes down.

Off Grid Ham was intended as a side project to my commentary blog, Twenty First Summer. Now it seems Twenty First Summer has become a side project to my ham radio/alternative energy blog! Life’s road is always full of surprising twists and turns.

I’m sure everyone will enjoy the additional content. Thank you very, very much for your part in making the ride so worthwhile.

2 thoughts on “The Off Grid Ham YouTube Channel.

  1. Mike Hohmann

    Congrats, Chris. Another big step for you. I enjoyed watching and will continue to spread the word… you the man! I just got involved with another radio club that looks to be a good one, and that should help us both! 😉

    1. Chris Warren Post author

      Thanks for all your neighborly support, Mike. I’ve found that it’s easier and faster to crank out a video than it is to research and write a technical article, but I enjoy writing more. As I mentioned, I’m not fully committed to YouTube, but we’ll see how things go. Thanks again and I hope you stop by again soon.

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